Lunchtime tech deal – 4 terabyte Seagate Expansion external USB 3 drive for …. $109 shipped at today only.

Just a quick (and really hot) lunchtime tech deal – if you’re looking for a pretty huge backup device…. You do backups of your computer drives, right? … well run right now to where they have the 4TB Seagate Expansion external drive with a USB 3.0 interface for $109. It’s their lightning sale while(…)

Nice deal on Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro – Lifetime license for $14.99… 50% off

A nice deal I spotted at Newegg Canada for a lifetime license with updates for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro for $14.99 – 50% off the regular price of $29.99. Malwarebytes is a pretty established and respected player in the security software business and this is a robust product. It’s tested to work with Windows 7 and 8,(…)

Wow, eBay is down due to high traffic: 145 million users change password after security breach

This is something pretty rare – for eBay: their site is, for the most part, inaccessible except for limited areas to allow for all 145 million active eBay users to immediately change their password. They made this request earlier in the day and it’s been pretty heavily covered in both the tech, mainstream and social(…)

Is HostGator down today? Yes – but coming back online!

So, if you have sites hosted on HostGator – either with their shared, virtual private server, or dedicated server services, you may have noticed (like myself) that there seems to be a major problem today. I noticed the same thing (this site is hosted with HostGator) and after checking my server and database and so(…)

Solution for “antimalware service executable has encountered a problem” error with Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows XP

Update – Thursday April 17, 20:05 EDT : Apparently many folks running Microsoft Security Essentials report that applying the latest MSE Updates (by forcing an update from the Update Tab) to v1.171.106.0 of the virus signatures released yesterday at 22:00 UTC resolves the problem for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 To manually install the virus(…)