Google Analytics Update , Tristan, Zach & my new tech blog

OK, that’s enough.

About to head off to bed after a nice visit to K & A and seeing Christopher who is doing well. Nice learning about A’s new challenges and shooting the sh&t about work issues.

So, after 36 hours, I finally got some reports from the new Google Analytics web stats reporting service. I’ll post a more detailed review shortly, but their site is still sluggish – 10-15 seconds between page refreshes when navigating the reports. Me thinks they have undersized their system to respond to the influx of free users.

Also, if you are in the public sector and have an interest in Dell products and services in Québec – I highly recommend you get in touch with Tia Palumbo of Dell Canada. She is very professional and savvy on getting into the nitty gritty of business. But hey, those who know me know that I am an open admirer of Michaels basement business since 1983-1984.. :)

Tristan and Zachary were nice when I visited them over lunch, but no pre-nap story from Marie because their group at the daycare had been bad earlier in ther morning – something about the groups bookshelf of story books being raided and made a mess of. I succeeded in having a nice brief chat with them and tucking them in before their afternoon nap. Their skating and swimming lessons are going really well, even if Tristan is a bit hesitant now that he is in the pool without a belt.

Now… it’s really time to set up a separate blog for my tech articles. I will reserve for my family blog writings… and there will be dedicated blog for the techie types. :-) Woohoo. Should do better for Adsense too ;)

OK, off to bed, a big meeting tomorrow…