Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop $999 Deal – Coupon Code

Dell Canada has a very nice deal running right now for an Inspiron 6400 Core Duo laptop that is very nicely equipped. They’re about $500 off their regular prices and include an extra $50 for this weekend only. They also have the Inspiron 9400 with similar discounts (the 9400 has a larger HDD, 17″ screen etc.) It is quite a bit heavier than the 6400, so I would go for the 6400 as an excellent general purpose midrange laptop.

As always, I recommend against getting any upgrades when ordering these deals (such as extra memory, larger hard drives, etc.) as they tend to negate the savings.

This time though they have 20% off an upgrade to 3 years onsite support and warranty (including completecare) instead of 1 year “return to depot”. Are you really willing to only have a 1 year warranty on a laptop and be obliged to ship it away for repair? Strongly recommended peace of mind for 3 years at $319.