Sprint Family Locator Cell Phone Tracking System for Kids

Well, just watched a CNN story about a new service from Sprint, in the USA: Sprint Family Locator. For 9.99 a month, parents can keep tabs of where their kids are based on GPS signals from the kids phones. The parent can track kids locations (accurate to a few meters) from either a cell phone, or from a browser on a computer. The system supports iDen and CDMA phones.
The person (kids?) being tracked do receive some sort of pinging sound and message on their cell when there are tracking requests initiated.

So, is this big mother and big father… all for just $10 a month ? Pretty impressive technology, regardless of what your opinion about the social ramifications are… GPS combined with Location Based Services (LBS) is one of the hot things in Web 2.0 IMHO. While I’ll be tracking the whereabouts of my boys, the local candy shop will be targetting them on their cell, offering 2 for 1 on chocolate bars… just 100 metres on the left. ;)
Now … wonder how many people are working on either ways to block the tracking requests… or block the pinging notification. Let’s google for “sprint family locator hack” and see… :-)