Dell Days of Deals – Day 3 : PilotMouse Wireless Mouse, 3400mp LCD Projector, Trendnet ClearSky Skype Phone, Inspiron 710m Laptop

Well, day 3 deals are online today…

Kingston – Pilot Mouse Wireless Laser Mouse – $29

Well this is pretty practical if you own a laptop… I’ve used similar wireless mice in the past, and they’re practical. In addition, this is a laser mouse (as opposed to a standard optical) so the tracking precision should be good. One caveat: often these wireless notebook mouse dimensions are a bit small, so if you have large hands, you may get some RSI discomfort if you’re constantly squeezing your palm. If your hands are average or smallish, this should be a good deal.

Dell 3400 mp Projector – $1099

A very nice projector especially at this price point… before ordering a screen at the same time, I would test it out on your white wall, although it’s highly probable that a good Dalite screen will optimise the image quality. Dell offers spare lamps for $399 but as always… buy them afterwards not right now.

Dell Inspiron 710M $1599 $999

A very nice price for a great laptop but unless mobility is an absolute high priority I find a 12.1″ display too small… otherwise a great performance bundle for general office tasks and applications. If you’re more into multimedia (photos, video, etc) get the 6400 (see my earlier post for a good package around $1000. Remember to get the 3 year onsite support for $230 (or 3 year CompleteCare for $319)… and the 8 cell battery.

B&J Music Ltd – Canada SKB Rugged Notebook Case- Military Standard – $99.00

If you need serious protection for your laptop, you can’t go wrong with SKB – a well established market leader in cases. I’ve used their products for over 15 years and if this doesn’t protect your precious lappy, nothing will.

TrendNet ClearSky Bluetooth VoIP Phone Kit for Skype – $99

Definitely a cool device, if you believe in Skype for free calling and excellent voice quality as much as I do. Mind you Dell claims their regular price is $199, but TigerDirect Canada has this same phone right now for $115. Mind you, at $99 with free shipping, it’s a good deal. I’m tempted to get it but… other priorities for now.

Targus Canada Wireless Calculator Keypad – $29

Sure, if you have a laptop and crunch numbers on a regular basis… in Excel or Quicken or whatever….

Dell 512 MB DDR 266MHz non-ECC Module – $49.00

Hmm… not so hot, since Kingston, Crucial and the other generic memory vendors often have similar priced deals, but the advantage here is that Dell will support your machine if you keep Dell-branded memory in it.