Bentley .com style … ;-)

So, you’re 20 or 30 sometin’… you survived Web 1.0 and the dotcom crash and made it into Web 2.0.

You make your gazillions on your startup IPO, and what do you do? Buy an Enzo, FXX, SLR, CGT or C12s? No, sure they’re all sorta fast but not luxurious no comfortable enough for ridin’.

How about a Bentley.

Of course, you’re an IT guru, so a few add-on electronics are a must. (multiple digital frequency scanners for police, military, Coast Guard SAR… RADAR and laser detection and jammers, multiple GPS units, a blackberry or two… radio, cellular and other voice comm systems… 360 degree video coverage and all of it (naturally) connected to the vehicle area network (VAN) and of course wireless Internet connectivity (probably EDGE and/or some other multi-trunked 3G/GSM system).


Bentley equipped with some gadgets ;-)

and I thought *I* was a gadget maniac.