Windows Live Messenger to integrate Yahoo IM contacts ! Finally…

This is been in the works for quite a while, but starting tonight, beta users of Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN Messenger) will be able to integrate their Yahoo contacts! It’s pretty straight forward – just add their Yahoo! IM (YIM) contact into Windows Live Messenger.. i.e. [email protected]

As Dan, a Live Messenger program manager at Microsoft mentions, it is in a testing phase and was quite technically challenging to implement. Apparently Yahoo IM client software will also be able to add MSN contacts to their client.

If it works, this is an excellent advance… sure, Trillian and Gaim have done this for quite a while, but considering that quite a few folks, including yours truly use only 1 client – Windows Live Messenger for 99.9% of my IM contacts, it’s nice to be able to include the few Yahoo IM contacts without having to run a separate IM client software.

Plus, I gotta say that the Yahoo password recovery process (birthdate, zipcode, pets DNA sequence) is a bit over the top.

Check out Dan’s blog entry at the Live Messenger Blog with screenshots of the whole process of adding Yahoo! contacts to Windows Live Messenger.

P.S. FireFox 3.0 alpha 1 (yes 3.0 codename MineField) crashed on me on my first attempt at writing this post… also many rendering problems, javascript problems…. hey, it’s not even a beta yet, so … to be expected.