Adobe Labs releases “lightweight” PDF reader…

Well… what can i say; it’s about time. Adobe Acrobat Reader is now at version 7 and the bloat has become unbearable for what was supposed to be a small, light PDF reader. Now it’s basically a full blown document management client for the Adobe Acrobat server products… and it shows. The installer alone is > 20MB depending on which language… the number of options in the reader preferences numbers well over 150, and it takes longer to load (in many cases) than either FireFox, Opera or MSIE.

So I was intrigued to learn about a beta release of Adobe Digital Editions from Adobe Labs ….

” a lightweight, rich Internet application” … ” “works online and offline, and supports both PDF and XHTML-based content.”

Just 2.5MB – bravo.

It’s only in beta for the moment, but I’ll definitely test it out and see how it compares to tools such as Foxit Reader.