Google Phone finally confirmed !

Isabel Aguilera of Google Spain (she’s a VP, or DG there) provided almost bulletproof (I know, what good is “almost bulletproof”) confirmation that the long rumoured Google Phone is indeed being developped. She stated (in loosely translated Spanish) that Google engineers are dedicating effort to develop the blackberry-like device.

According to the many speculative and leaks in other blogs – some lesser known, I’m guessing that the phone, and usage, will be free. Free in the sense that it possibly run some sort of VOIP technology… but link through traditional (hehe) GSM,CDMA,HSDPA or EVDO networks. Free in the sense that they’ll monetize it using the existing model for GMail, GChat, GWife, etc…. through the AdWords/AdSense CPM/CPA system.

Look for classic hardcore Google algos, with GPS geotargetted advertisements to you based on your (existing) Google profile over that the Bayshore data warehouse. Take geo information, combine it with your GProfile as well as voice analysis of your chats… and voila. Hang up after an argument with your significant other on your gPhone and poof “Hey Robin – singles meetup – 300m to your left.”

I can’t remember for sure if it was Larry Ellison or John Chambers of Cisco who threw this premise to the keynote crowd during one of the COMDEX conferences I attended in 98-2000 but it was pretty flyé at the time.

Google has the algos and data warehouse to pull this off.

I say gPhone hits CONUS & Canada before end of the year.