Picks for you : Google reacts to eBay *fast* with StumbleUpon-like Picks Google Toolbar addon !

I love a fast market. This is fresh news, just barely on the usual sites – just noticed that GigaOm has mentioned it as well..

Just hours after the news of eBay acquiring Stumble Upon broke, Google has released a trial version of a “Picks for You” add-in to their Google Toolbar that offers a drop down list of “related sites” based on their data mine of your G-History ;) … you have to have a Google account – who doesn’t ?

The new functionality was announced by Google Recommendations button (which will look like a pair of dice…) to your toolbar.

I just did all that and it’s pretty uncanny in terms of precision. That Google data warehouse (with all their info about me) is (frighteningly) accurate.

We’ll see what their acquisition of Doubleclick adds to this mix.