YouSendIt – an excellent way to send files (NOT by FTP, NOT by Email!)

Well, those who know me know that we don’t SEND information or files to one another… we store the information or files in a central place and gather ’round the information.

That being said, the last thing one can or should do is send big files by email…

Why ?

  • They will bounce at your own mail server if they’re too big
  • They will bounce at your recipient(s) server(s) if too big…
  • They will make your (or your recipients) local mail account over quota or limit
  • They will drive your recipients bonkers if they happen to be on dial-up and/or an expensive connnection (per KB mobile for example) when receiving your 8MB attachment

So what to do ? Use one of the better Web file sharing sites – my favorite recent one that I tried is YouSendIt … with a no-catch 14 day trial too

Why do I say no catch ? Because you get to try out their secure file exchange / sending site without giving any payment information … no credit card info, nada.

They have multiple service levels, from individual, to Enterprise… I justed started my trial, and will report on how performance is on their site. So far it’s very promising… try it by uploading a couple of files and then sending the secure (trackable) links to your friends or colleagues instead of attaching them directly your email!

The enterprise version (very affordable to get around users clogging up your Exchange servers…) is even brandable to have your own company logo and identity ….