60 Minutes Show on Millennials – my future employees…

Well, just watching a great piece by Morley Safer on tonights episode of 60 Minutes – it’s all about Millennials – kids born between 1980-1995 and who are now coming on to the market.

Basically, they know that careerism is dead and there is more work than there are people and that … friends, family and lifestyle comes before work and career.

They also expect to be coddled… for their efforts.

So,… I’ve put 17+ years with one employer (massive employer) as well as multiple other concurrent projects, clients and ventures… and just going on.

Message to bosses everywhere: don’t forget the praise. Todays manager must be more coach than supervisor….

Interesting footnote: apparently, spelling is not the forté of Millennials. There are 718K Google results for the correct spelling of Millenials and…. 450K results for the error Millenials… spelling schmelling.

I’m luvin’ it.