Dell 12 Days of Deals : Day 7 is Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS and SanDisk V-Mate Personal Video Recorder

A couple of interesting items this morning on day 7 of Dell Deals Daysicon.

Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS

There is the very well-rated and proven Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS uniticon for $349 today only! That is $300 off Dell’s regular price of $649… but in reality, the street price for this amount varies between $400-500.

Garmin Nuvi 360 Picture


The good price, free shipping, and hassle-free product support and return history of Dell makes it a nice buy if you’re looking for a solid GPS… and personal travel assistant. Remember that modern GPS units are much more than simply about getting from point A to B…

SanDisk V-Mate Video Memory Card Recorder

Another lesser known, but far more disruptive, gadget being offered is the SanDisk V-Mate Video Memory Card Recorder. It’s listed there today on the right sidebar for $79 down from $129icon. A quick check of street prices show’s it goes for $90-120… but without the free shipping and Dell service.

SanDisk won the 2007 CES Innovation Award for the V-Mate which is best described as a personal memory card video recorder (whew)… this is not designed to playback video on your large-screen TV.

SanDisk V-Mate Memory Card Slots - Front
(Front View of SanDisk V-Mate)

Instead, you can record from TV sources to a portable memory card (just about every format except CompactFlash – see screen shot of connectors below)… to view it on your mobile device – such as a mobile phone, handheld game console, PDA, video music player personal media player or of course… any PC. The quality is not that of TV grade… but it looks great on a mobile device such as a Dell Axim or HP IPAQ.

SanDisk V-Mate Input Connections (Rear)
(Rear View of SanDisk V-Mate)

Hauppauge Computer WinTV HVR-1500 HD TV ExpressCard Recorder & Remote

Some other interesting deals today are the Hauppauge Computer WinTV HVR-1500icon ExpressCard HD Recorder for $69.99 down from $139. This device DOES work within Vista Premium (Media Centre) edition according to Hauppauge Vista Compatibility details.

I’m not so crazy about tethering my notebook to a TV / cable input to record shows – the idea of having a portable notebook computer is to … not be tied down? That being said, this has decent performance and rating from users. You’ll need a pretty recent laptop (think dual core processor ideally) … and don’t expect to run 3D games while recording HD (ATSC) television with this card.

Hauppauge HVR-1500 PVR with Remote Picture

Now…. a bit of confusion with this Dell Deal – the page title states that it is the HVR-1500. The description refers to a “WinTV-HVR-1400″ (lower) model. At the bottom of the page, the Manufacturer Part Number 1193 listed corresponds with the numbers for the HVR-1500 on most sites.

Then why is the HVR-1500 no longer listed on the Official Hauppauge Product Support Selection page – me thinks this item is legacy / discontinued.