SOS Ticket arrives in Montreal – speeding ticket warnings by SMS

Well, CTV News Montreal is reporting on which, for $20 a month (!) offers a social ticket warning network….

Sounds interesting, but too expensive.

Guys, make it free, integrate it with a Google Maps mashup and…

it sounds interesting.

I think passive speed trap warnings (for example, a radar detector which communicates via EDGE or HSDPA or even WIFI or regular Cellular Data networks to a central server that then updates realtime maps that are pushed down to users via a sat connection à la GPS…. makes more sense. More than a manual voice phone-in service….

Although does have a KISS (keep it simple stupid) concept. Call one number, they forward the location of the SQ or local LEO speed trap to all their $20 per month subscribers.

Sweet business idea – but sustainable on that model and pricing ? Not so sure.