MDA sells Canada Canadarm & RADARSAT 2 to Minnesota US company Alliant – au revoir au bras du Canada – MacDonald Dettwiler liquidates Canadian Space Agency CSA technology

Well, the remote manipulator system has been sold to US defense military contractor Alliant Technologies.

edit: I initally had staff remove this article because I thought it may have been a bit too incendiary, but after consulting with fellow Canadian friends who are as equally shocked by this news, it is back up…. – Robin

The true sad news is not about the Canadarm being sold to the US military , but that essentially MDA (MacDonald Dettwiler Corporation) has sold RADARSAT 2 to the US military establishment less than 1 month after the December 14th launch.

So, RADARSAT is now in US hands as is the Canadarm… a sad day for Canadian involvement (waning over the years) in the non-military aerospace business.


As a side note, ATK mentions that it is the largest supplier of weapons ammunition in the US, primarily to the US military clientele.