Invision Power Board : ibf_profile_portal_views table error ; ibf_profile_portal_views.myi not found – a solution!

If you run Invision Power Board (IPB) forum software on your website, you may run into the notorious “ibf_profile_portal_views.myi not found” or “missing” error… This is a bug related to the IPB Portal system and I’ve seen it creep up a few times since version 2.1.

While the recommended solution is obviously to submit a ticket with IPS support, this is what we’ve used as a solution for this problem.

Use at your own risk, and make sure everything is backed up first!

  1. Connect to your forums’ IPB MySQL database using phpMyAdmin or your favourite MySQL management tool.
  2. Drop the ibf_profile_portal_views table (if it exists) from your IPB MySQL database
  3. Run the following SQL statement:
    CREATE TABLE ibf_profile_portal_views (
    views_member_id int(10) NOT NULL default '0'

That should do the trick. Feel free to add comments or questions below.

Note that this has been tested on about 10-12 IPB 2.3.x forum systems that we manage.