phpFoX discount coupon for Summer 2008 and always looking for licenses to buy this great social networking script

Whew, that was one lengthy title. Well as you may have read here in the past, I really have enjoyed working with phpFoX on a few client sites. It sells itself a bit too much as an easy way to build your own MySpace or FaceBook type of social network site … while that is true, any seasoned veteran of building communities will know that the tool itself is the easy part.

The last time Konsort announced a discount coupon offer was around this time a year ago, and it was 30% off the regular price of about $299 – a pretty nice instant savings. I’ve been keeping my eyes open but haven’t seen any announcements about a discount yet.

That being said, phpFoX is definitely a mature product and has a serious community around the development of 3rd party add-ons. The Konsort group announced the final version of phpFoX 1.6.20 release back in February and there has been only one significant patch since then. That’s a pretty impressive track record given that so many companies rush new versions to RTM and then bury us helpless site managers with a bevy of bug fixes in days and weeks after. Not so with phpFoX consort… nice work guys.

As always, if you have any available licenses, leave a comment below (with your email in the comments form which is never revealed on this site) and I’ll be in touch.

Final note: Konsort offers an excellent affiliate program for phpFox.