How to remove “Powered by Invision Power Board” from HTML page title in IPB – not copyright removal

OK, I often get asked this over and over by people running sites based on Invision Power Board. It is specifically allowed to remove the “Powered by Invision Power Board” text from the HTML title tag – the title tag is dynamically generated usually with the Forum name, and sometimes followed by the topic title.

It’s important to note that this has nothing to do with the copyright removal, which requires payment to IPS.

While there are ways to remove the dynamic title variable from the IPB ACP, this is *not* recommended as having a static title tag will hurt your SEO efforts.

To remove the “Powered by Invision Power Board” text in IPB 2.3.x (and most earlier versions) you need to edit the /forums/sources/action_public/boards.php file.

At around line 190 in that file, there is the following bit of code:

190: $cp = " (Powered by Invision Power Board)";

Do not delete that line! Instead you could change it to:

190: $cp = "";

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