New Google Chrome web browser released for download today officially

Google Chrome Browser Beta Logo

Worthy of a few minutes of my lunchtime for this:

Well, as many of you may know, yesterday Google let the new Google Chrome browser out of the proverbial bag. The pre-release announcement appears to have been somewhat premature, as they pulled the download link pretty quickly from the

Their official statement about the new browser and it’s feature is in the format of a comic strip which covers 8 pages (amusing, but somewhat annoying since I doubt most CxO types will want to be looking at a possibly NSFW cartoon on their machine but I digress).

That being said, the feature set in the new Google Chrome browser is interesting. What is most interesting to me will be if it passes the Acid and JS tests, not to mention the basic W3C guidelines. Knowing Google, it will. I’m interested to see how it performs in corporate environments (i.e. an MSI installer or something similar? centralised management and deployment tools ?) The latter are things that FireFox and MSIE both have, but I doubt Google Chrome will have… at least not in the early beta releases.

Interesting times – especially considering the renewal of the Google investment with Firefox for the Google search box (which brings in big revenue for Google … ) for $48M.