Best of the Web (BOTW) directory to acquire DMOZ from AOL – says Jeremy Schoemaker

Well, this is interesting news.

Shoemoney, AKA Jeremy Schoemaker, is reporting from strong inside sources that BOTW is in the final stages of completing a deal to purchase the DMOZ directory from AOL. The BOTW directory has been online since 1994 and is arguably the oldest website directory on the modern ‘net – dating back as far back as the Yahoo! directory that Filo and Yang kicked out way back in tha day.

Personally, I feel that DMOZ has been a non-issue in the world of directories and I also question the overall viability of the directory world. Mahalo and similar Web 2.0 directories notwithstanding, I think that algorithmic search really has taken a (well-proven) foothold in the world of web navigation tools.

This will be interesting : do you think that DMOZ is a property worth acquiring ? Financials of the deal are far off, but I’d be interested in following what happens with DMOZ after such a takeover deal.