Spammers new tactic for WordPress comment spam : start with a “legitimate” comment… hope for WordPress auto-approval for subsequent comments

So I noticed this comment which made it by my spam protection (which include Akismet, amongst other tools and methods)


*********[email protected] |

Recently, my husband started with the potential problem and our relations are deadlocked.

After all, I love sex … I encouraged him to go to the doctor, and he is afraid.

Maybe someone who will help us, tell of impotence pills and where to buy them anonymously. In advance thank you to all who help!

Sorry if in the wrong section leave a message!

Now a couple of things;

  • The comment contains no extreme terms that would have it flagged by spam detection systems, other than sex and impotence pills, which are not exactly like the v**gr* or c**l*s ones… not….
  • There are zero hyperlinks in the comment, nor in the Author URL field….
  • The user left a reasonably realistic “real-person” type name and realistic looking gmail address with the comment (comment author emails are never revealed except if the commenter puts it in their comment)….

So what’s wrong ?

Well…. first of all, the comment was left on one of my articles discussing phpFox… not exactly relevant to be “requesting” information about ED pills.

In addition, this is my tech site, so it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be discussing sexual dysfunction solution providers (unless they have a unique technical or business model pis encore la!) …. so.


Why did the spammer (or spambot) try this ? Because they try to hope that the blog owner will approve this initial comment since it contains no hyperlinks, no crass spammy message…. and also hope that the blog owner has set his WordPress blog to auto-approve comments from authors with a previously approved comment….

Nice try folks.