SharePoint for Project Management ; nice deck & video presentation by Dux Raymond at 2008 PMI Global Congress

I follow Dux Raymond a fair bit, not just because he happens to be one of the more profilic people who shares knowledge about SharePoint technologies (and real-world experiences) but more specifically because he focusses on using SharePoint for Project Management…

Indeed, he believes that SharePoint technologies (like he says in the deck, SharePoint is a framework of tools, of which SharePoint Server and WSS team sites are just one part of the toolset) can be used to create a full blown Project Management Information System (PMIS)… I agree. With the right business processes in the background.

He recently presented at the PMI Global Congress in Denver, Colorado, and has shared some of his presentation material;

7 Ways to Leverage SharePoint for Project Management (PDF , a few MBs in size)

How SharePoint empowers Project Managers:


and even a SharePoint WSS site template for project management.