Smoking hot deal on NewEgg Canada: Kingston SDC4/8GB MicroSD flash memory card with SD adapter for $22 + $50 off coupon !

Update Nov. 6 @ 15h57 EST: The special on that Kingston card is gone; sold out – thanks to James for the heads-up in the comments – checked with a source at NewEgg Canada who indicated they indeed were respecting all orders (over 500 in 2 hours!) for that Kingston deal. You can still benefit from the $50 coupon and also get a similarly hot memory card deal with the A-Data Class 6 8GB MicroSD card… faster card, a few bucks more and comes with both mini and standard SD card adapters. Go for it!


NewEgg Canada has a pretty amazing deal right now for a 8GB Kingston MicroSD SDHC flash memory card (with SD adapter) for $22.49 – but wait there’s more; in addition, they have a coupon that gives you $50 off (!) …

Kingston 8GB Micro Class 4 SDHC Flash Card

How does it work ?

  1. Well, you can add, say, 3 of those 8GB cards to your cart
  2. apply the $50 off discount code catop50 in your shopping cart
  3. voila… that would bring it down to about $37 for 3 8GB MicroSD cards
  4. add on about $16 for shipping and you’re looking at getting 3 8GB for less than $60 all inclusive with shipping and taxes!


The catop50 code is to be applied in the shopping cart (you have to have over $50 of product in your cart, obviously) and this coupon expires November 7th !

How hot is that ? Well consider that this very same 8GB Kingston MicroSD is $79.99 at FutureShop (never buy anything at regular price at Future Shop) and it’s USD $25 on (with positive reviews) and it becomes pretty obvious this is an excellent deal for any Canadians who need a nice high capacity card.

The MicroSD format is commonly used in smartphones (like my beloved HTC Touch) and with the included SD adapter you can use it in any other device (like my beloved Dell Axim X51v or Canon SD700IS digital camera…)

For those of you interested in the technical specs, the Kingston SDC4/8GB card is a Class 4 card, meaning it has a minimum guaranteed data transfer rate of 4MB/ sec ; good enough for most point & shoot cameras, PDAs, smartphones or digital media player applications, but you may wish to hold out if you plan on using it in a DSLR camera such as the Canon Rebel XSi where a Class 6 card would help with snapping away high res photos in burst mode.

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