Dell 2709W 27-inch S-PVA LCD monitor for $599 shipped in Canada – Dell Canada Small Business Days of Deals (Day 2)

Well, I‘ve been using the Dell 2707WFP monitor was almost a year now and I totally love it. It was a replacement setup for 2 separate 19-20″ monitors. The 1920×1200 resolution, superb brightness and plenty of inputs (USB, card reader, DVI, DisplayPort and more) were the perfect solution to having to deal with trying to keep reconfiguring two separate monitors as primary and secondary.

I got that 2707WFP for CAD $799 during the Dell Days of Deals in the Spring of 2008 and it’s been working great since then… (albeit with some weird off/on behaviour now and then – but not so often as to drive me nuts.)

Dell 2709W S-PVA LCD Monitor Picture

Dell 2709W S-PVA LCD Monitor Picture

So Dell now has their Small Business Days of Deals underway this January… and today is Day 2 with the Dell 2709W LCD for just $599 (down from $999) … today only! That comes with free shipping and a guarantee against even 1 bad pixel. Sounds mighty sweet to me. The 1920×1200 resolution, S-PVA panel, and great brightness make it nice for general purpose business use and also decent for movies. Some hardcore gamers may not be satisfied with the 6ms pixel response (grey to grey) time, but remember that S-PVA panels tend to be a bit slower than TN variants. The reward is in the warm of excellent viewing angles, brightness and color gamut.

The on-screen menu system has also been greatly improved (according to most reviews) in the 2709W over the 2707WFP… although, in all honest, I rarely use the on-screen menu. It may be important for initial calibration of color settings. Many reviews say the color is excellent, but photographers and advanced photoshop users will probably want to fine tune the sRGB settings for their eyes and workflow.

Certainly a stellar deal for a 27″ LCD S-PVA display at $599!

After the break, read various 2709W reviews:

Florian Sander of Germany reviewed the 2709W in January 2009…

The Dell UltraSharp 2709W rocks! :) The monitor looks cool, provides a good image quality and is for this size and quality remarkably cheap. The minor disadvantages are overall neglectable.

cnet Australia also did an indepth 2709W review in March 2009, giving it 7.9/10 – cnet Australia readers agreed, giving it 8.0/10….

While hardcore PC gamers might want to stay clear, and colour professionals may have to wrestle a little with calibration to get the most out of it, the 2709W is likely to please your average user to no end who wants a big screen with a decent resolution.

Sean Fallon of Gizmodo did a perfunctory write-up, in June 2008, about the 2709W based largely on a Dell press release, and found it perhaps a bit too pricey – that was at US $900… some of the user comments were interesting and informative.

you will get just about every port you could possibly need—from USB to HDMI to DisplayPort.

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