Dell S2309W 1920×1080 HD LCD monitor for $169 shipped free today on Dell Canada

Wow… more nice lunchtime shopping deals; perhaps the 2709W at $599 a couple of days ago was a bit too rich for your blood, but you still want a very nice LCD display… The Dell S2309 supports 1920×1080 pixels of resolution which, by the way, is the minimum resolution I recommend for anyone buying any sort of external display today. Why? That’s the resolution required to view HD movies (Blu-ray, HDTV, etc) in its native format. It has a DVI-D with HDCP support for playing back copy-protected HD Blu-ray discs from either your stand-alone player or directly from a computer.

Dell Canada has the S2309W for $169 shipped free (today only) as part of the current Business Days of Deals – this is day 4 and it’s been a pretty impressive round of deals this time. While 23” is probably as small a screen size you would realistically want to use for 1920×1080 pixels of resolution (your fonts will be on the small side in Windows)… you will not find any other quality LCD display with that resolution under $250 at the very least. As Steve Jobs might say; One more thing: it also comes with a 3 year advance exchange warranty! That is one of the nice things about the items in the business area of the Dell store: they get good warranty support. Advance exchange means that if there’s a problem with the display in the next 3 years – they ship you a replacement in advance before you send yours back!

Other specs of note include a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a 5ms pixel response time – better for gaming, and actually an improvement over the 2709W time of 6ms. Keep in mind that the 2709W is an S-PVA panel which is much higher quality, but it’s also over triple the price …