Dell 3007WFP-HC 30” 2560×1600 LCD $899 shipped – January 2009 Dell Days of Deals in Canada ROCKS ! Wow… awesome reviews

As much as people in the online communities have been bitching (excuse my language) over the previous few Dell Days of Deals being lame and not worth the effort of waking up at 6:00am to be first to see the daily bargains.. they certainly have outdone themselves in this January 2009 edition of the Small Business DOD event.

I wrote previously about the 2709W at $599 down from 999, and the 2309W at $169 (!) and today they pulled out their flagship 3007WFP-HC for $899 today only – down from $1599.


Yowsa. Obviously, that will cost you over $1000 with taxes for a monitor, but this isn’t just any monitor. 2560×1600 pixels of native resolution. 92% colour gamut. Wide cold-cathode fluorescent lighting (W-CCFL) backlight. 178 degree viewing angle. 8ms gtg and 12ms btb pixel response time. 300 cd/m2 of brightness.

For $899, this is a steal. Please, if you think that this is expensive because you can get a 42” or 50” HDTV display for around the same money – this is a computer monitor with far higher resolution (and quality, not mention input options)…

You will also need a pretty serious graphics card to drive this 2500×1600px monitor hard enough to make it work well.

That said… I would gladly have one… (OK, I’m spoiled by my 2707…)

OK you want more reviews:

Dave Altavilla of says this about the 3007WFP-HC:

it’s safe to say that this gorgeous new 30″ panel lives up to the rather lofty goal of refinement of the already impressive standard 3007WFP. The UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC is what we would consider the pinnacle of high-end, large computer monitor LCD screens. This LCD is up to virtually any task with an enormous amount of screen real-estate, excellent contrast, color reproduction, uniformity and pixel response.

Kalpana Ettenson over at gave this screen 82/100 saying:

With a $1700 price tag, this Dell monitor is certainly not cheap, though its cost does fall in the same range as other 30-inch LCDs. But if you’re looking for a big display on which to spread out a few open windows, then the 3007WFP-HC could be a good investment.

Daniel Rutter at has a very in depth review of the 3007WFP with plenty of technical insight and criticism (he PAID for the monitor) and concludes:

Everybody seems to love the 3007WFP-HC, so I didn’t do a whole lot of in-depth preparation for the arrival of my new four-megapixel friend. A few things about it therefore surprised me. Rather than go over the same ground as every other reviewer, I’ll concentrate on these surprises.