Sharepoint / MOSS licensing – do we need MOSS CALs for users with access only to WSS sites in a separate site collection

Whew, that’s one crazy long title.

OK, I’ve been dealing with licensing reps from MSFT, fellow Sharepointers in the twittersphere, and I’m still not 100% sure about this particular Sharepoint licensing scenario.

Let’s say I have a Sharepoint farm, with MOSS 2007 installed. I have 100 regional users for whom I have 100 MOSS standard CALs.

I wish to have non-CAL users access sites in a separate site collection on the same Sharepoint Server. The non-CAL users would not have access to the MOSS portal site, no My Sites, etc. They would only have access to the separate site collection.

In this latter scenario, am I still within the licensing requirements? My 100 users for whom I have CALs would have access to everything. The non-CAL users would have access only to site collections and no MOSS portal site access.

It annoys me when MSFT reps say that licensing is “simple” and “straight forward”… sorry; not. I spend 15% of my time trying to explain licensing to my C-level executives… (and I have a hard time grasping all the finer elements of MSFT licensing soup myself… after 10+ years working with MS enterprise software.)