Dell Days of Deals 2009 – Day 4: Kingston 16GB MicroSD SDHC memory card + reader $49.99 with free shipping

Dell Canada Days of Deals July 2009Well, Day 4 of the July 2009 Dell Canada Days of Deals and so far the hottest deal (by far) was the Garmin Nuvi 255w on Day 1 for $149 shipped (it sold out by the early afternoon) and hopefully you snagged one if you’re in the market for a GPS as it’s a great unit and $149 was a seriously hot price.

Today is day 4, and the most interesting deal is the Kingston 16GB MicroSD card with a MiniSD USB adapter / card reader. 16GB is pretty much the maximum size card (I know that 32GB Micro SD – MicroSDHC) are available but they’re at prices which are quite out of reach and unreasonable as far as bang for the buck goes.

The Kingston Micro SD model # MRG2+SDC2/16GB that they’re offering will be good for users with cell phones, smartphones or any mobile device that needs (and supports) 16GB memory cards. Note that it only supports Class 2 speed (out of a possible maximum of Class 6) so it may choke a bit if you plan on using it to record or play back video… other than that, it should be fine for playing music or taking digital pictures on most devices.

It’s a couple of bucks cheaper than places like NewEgg, with free shipping, so worth considering. Personally, I want to check a Class 6 card – even if it’s “only” 8GB…

Click the image above for a direct link to today’s deals.