Touchality finally releases new WinMoSquare Beta 1.5.0 Windows Mobile Foursquare client – many features & … stability !

Touchality has finally released a new beta version of WinMoSquare – the Windows Mobile client for Foursquare.

WinMoSquare Logo

Updated August 22 to include a video of the new features with screenshots… see below after the break

If you’re not yet familiar with WinMoSquare or Foursquare ; 4SQ is a location based service that allows people to check-in to venues from their mobile devices (Smartphones, Net-books, Laptops, etc.) equipped with a GPS.

The idea is that you check-in to venues (originally restaurants, bars and that sort of thing but now pretty much everything including elevators, highway intersections and who knows what) and see if the venue offers “specials” for regular visitors. The more frequently you visit a venue, the more chances you have of becoming “Mayor” of a venue. Being the Mayor of a Foursquare venue gets you nothing from 4SQ themselves – except for status & recognition on the Foursquare website. A venue manager or owner can, however, decide to promote repeat business to their venue by offering specials to people who check-in and perhaps extra perks for a mayor. In addition, any Foursquare user can leave tips about a venue (try the steak, arrive before midnight, free parking in the back, etc) that other members can see and add as a “to-do” or “done this” item.

Foursquare have native client applications for the Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Palm smartphones. All other mobile devices can connect to the Foursquare Mobile website at

Up until a few months ago, there was *no* client software for users with mobile devices running Windows Mobile…. That changed several months ago when Touchality released a beta version of WinMoSquare – a graphical client to run on WinMo phones … it required Windows Mobile 6.5 and the .NET compact framework (3.5 or higher)…