Breaking : Twitter announces security updates proactively : All 3rd party apps can no longer store password & new URL shortening service

Twitter Logo

Well, Twitter just sent out an email with significant improvements to their security model – something that Mark at Facebook just doesn’t seem to consider a priority over monetizing the trust of his 500 million Facebook members.

The highlights from the announcements by Twitter (full email details after the break) include:

  • There are 250,000 3rd party apps that connect to Twitter
  • All 3rd party apps will have to use the OAuth authentication method, and will not be allowed to ask for – or store – the actual Twitter user name or password
  • Launches – their very own URL shortening services … will be interesting to see how this plays out with dominating URL shortening services such as

I’m impressed by this news… social media is wonderful, but the skeptics who are avoiding it (which includes a vast majority of “normal” non-tech and early adopter folk) should be reassured by this proactive approach by Twitter to making their environment a bit more secure.

Now, if only they could continue to work on the ever present FailWhale-powered site outages… :)