Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone at The Source $9.96 down from $49 – the replacement battery? $48 LOL

I came across a pretty interesting deal for a Centrios FreeTalk Bluetooth speakerphone for $9.96 at TheSource.ca – down from $49!

This is basically so that you can have a wireless (over bluetooth) speakerphone for your cellphone – has a clip to attach it to a sunvisor in the car, and it supports connections to two separate phones. So if your spouse has a phone, he or she can use it as well.

It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and they claim 12 hours talk time and 980 hours standby time. There is a 2-3 hour time to fully charge it.

Of course, those are manufacturer numbers, so I would cut them in half (or more)… but still, a 3-4 hour wireless speakerphone chat time is pretty decent.

So, for $9.96 it’s worth giving it a try. Since the Centrios brand is owned by The Source it’s hard to compare it on other sites like Amazon, NewEgg, etc.

Finally, it’s pretty funny that the replacement battery (click on the “parts” tab) is $48.99 (ouch) – hint, buy two units at $9.96.