Have spammers given up on my site? From Akismet blocked 13,500 spams in March 2010 to zero in December!

I was browsing through my historical Akismet stats for this site (BTW, I love Akismet as a spam management tool in WordPress. It is without question the first WordPress plugin I install on any new WP blog install) and was pretty shocked by the stats for the end of 2010.

As the following image shows, I got hit pretty hard with spam attempts in 2010 – peaking at 13,000 spam comments in March 2010 captured by Akismet. The strange thing is that while the average monthly spam stayed pretty steady… it pretty much ended completely in December 2010 and January 2011. In fact Akismet stopped ZERO spam attempts in December and there have been only 4 in January.

Now, yes, I have neglected my blogging efforts here but the traffic stats have stayed fairly steady – yes a drop in the last 4 months of 2010, but nothing to corroborate the drastic flattening of Akismet-captured spam attempts.A

Any theories ?