Dell UltraSharp U3011 30″ 2560×1600 IPS LCD display panel for $1199 shipped – $400 off ! and some real reviews

Well, in case yesterdays deal of the day I mentioned for the U2711 at $749 wasn’t big or high resolution enough for you, I woke up early this morning to see Dell Canada outdo themselves just a bit for these days of business deals.

Today, the UltraSharp U3011 30” IPS LCD display is “just $1199 – that’s $400 off the regular price of $1599. But we don’t buy anything at MSRP, do we? ;)

So, is the U3011 worth the extra $450 (that’s on sale!) over the U2711 ?


Here’s a quick comparison table (blue indicates advantage) :

U2711 U3011
Resolution 2560×1440 2560×1600
Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:10
Panel Type IPS IPS
Color Gamut (CIE 1976) 110% 117%
Response Time (GTG) 6ms 7ms
Contrast Ratio 1000:1 1000:1
Contrast Ratio (dynamic) 80,000:1 100,000:1
Brightness 350 cd/m2 370 cd/m2
Viewing Angle 178° (h/v) 178° (h/v)
Pixel Pitch (density) 0.233mm 0.2505mm
Colors 1.07B 1.07B
HDMI 1 2
DVI-D (HDCP) 2 2
DisplayPort 1 1
VGA 1 1
Component Video 1 1
Composite Video 1 0
USB 2.0 1 up / 4 down 1 up / 4 down
Media Card Reader 8 in 1 7 in 1
Height / Tilt / Swivel Yes Yes
Power consumption
2/113/250 2/110/250
Cost (MSRP) February 2011 $1,099 $1,599
Best deals (varies) $749 $1,099

Source: Official tech specs at Dell Canada for the U2711 and U3011 monitors

So, is the U3011 worth almost 50% more than the U2711 – in real world terms, that’s about $400+ depending on if one or the other is on sale. Obviously today the U2711 is at $949 and the U3011 is at $1199 so it’s pretty obvious it’s worth getting the 30” (if you have a rig with the appropriate graphics card to drive this high res beasts at a good pace.

If not, it’s really a matter of if you need the few extra pixels (and 16:10 aspect ratio) of the U3011. You may find text very small on the U2711 which has a smaller pixel size (pitch) given the smaller physical panel size and very similar resolution. They both offer the similar levels of connectivity (and at this price point or quality level, it’s not the included DisplayPort / HDMI and VGA cables nor the media card reader which should drive your decision).

Personally, if the rest of your machine is up to par, and you can afford it (on sale) the U3011 is certainly a nice deal. On the other hand, if you’re lacking in RAM, or a fast hard disk, consider that you could probably add 4-8GB of fast memory AND get a decent solid state disk just for the price difference between the two.

Either one will be a great choice.. but do get them on sale and not at MSRP!

The Best Dell UltraSharp U3011 Reviews (real ones, not all these garbage pseudo-review sites clogging search results)

CNET Australia (Craig Simms) – September 16, 2010
Score: 9/10 from Editor
“Good: Great screen real estate • Adobe RGB and sRGB modes • 10-bit panel • Reduced screen wake/input switch time • HDMI PBP with DVI or DisplayPort • Six-axial colour adjustments • 24p support”
“Bad: Input lag may disturb some competitive gamers • Slight judder in Blu-ray panning scenes • Colour calibration can be extremely time consuming due to menu layout • Significantly pricier than U2711” – December 2010 to January 2011
Score: 5/5 from 8 customer reviews

Anandtech (Brian Klug) – January 13, 2011
“an all around good performer”
“the question is: who will be first to market with a 120 Hz 30-incher”

ZDNet UK (Eric Franklin) – February 8, 2011
Score: 8.1/10 editor’s rating
“Pros: Superb performance, Multiple connection options, Feature-rich OSD”
“Cons: Expensive”
“Simply put, the Dell UltraSharp U3011 is the best 30in. monitor we’ve seen to date.”

Got some more in-depth real-world reviews of the U3011? Share them below in the comments!