Proof that Office 2013 was indeed intended to be Office 2012 from a Word 2013 Preview compatibility option

So I was one of the many who watched Steve Ballmer during his webcast press event yesterday and as was heavily speculated by pretty much everyone – it was the release of Office 2013 Preview. So while watching Steve proclaim the virtues of Office 2013, I downloaded the bits – both the Office 365 cloud version (which streams installation bits everytime you start the app) and the .msi installer for Office 2013, since I’m testing it in a corporate environment against Windows Server 2012 and SharePoint 2013.

Anyhow, I began to explore the new feature set when I came upon an interesting option in Word 2013 Preview – from the File | Options menu… here’s the screenshot:

Word 2013 is really Word 2012 - screenshot of Word 2013 Preview Options

Well, as you can see, under the compatibility options, the default Word version is not Word 2013, but rather Word 2012! There isn’t even an option for Word 2013. I checked Access, Excel and PowerPoint 2013 options and couldn’t find a similar compatibility option. Note that to see this in options, you need to have an open document – even a blank one.

Now… as far as I know, there was no legitimate release of Word 2012 for any platform.

So is this a case of the Preview release having a little easter egg error in the options which reveal that Microsoft originally wanted to name (and release) Office 2012? I think so. Disagree with me ; got another opinion – comment below! 🙂


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