& – private company offering SharePoint hosting service yet the domains are registered to…

Interesting; while researching SharePoint hosting providers (yet again, just to stay abreast on what’s being offered if ever we outsource some on-premises sites to external providers) I came across The site is well done, professional and there is a decent gamut of hosting plans offered.

Their about page mentions that “SharePoint Hosting is a private company located in Wilmington, DE. We serve over 500 corporate and government clients.”

Fair enough. So I start researching a bit further to see if their clients have reviewed them in the various regular places (forums, blogs, twitter, FB, Linkedin, etc) but I decide to check the whois registration info for the domain and… surprise:


Organisation Name:   Dell Inc.
Contact Name:             Dell Domain Administrative Contact
Address Line 1:            1 Dell Way
Address Line 2:           RR1-33
City / Town:                  Round Rock
State / Province:         Texas
Zip / Postcode:           78682
Country:                        US
Telephone:                   +1.5127283500
Fax:                                 +1.5122833369
Email:                            [email protected]

It turns out they own as well – and while they’re not exactly hiding the fact as this fact page on the Dell site shows, I find it kind of weird that the hosting sites themselves don’t really reveal that it’s a Dell-owned service?

Maybe there is a part of the puzzle I am missing. If anything, knowing that the hosting was indeed being backed and provided by Dell would be a plus in terms of brand recognition.

Anyone hosting SharePoint (or MOSS for those still on 2007) with them?