Great GoDaddy Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2012 Deals: Domain Registration $1.99 & SSL Certificate $4.99

Update November 27, 2012 and important deal news: the $5 per year standard SSL Certificate at GoDaddy  is extended to Friday, November 30! You can purchase unlimited SSL certificates for up to 5 years at $5 per year. For my IT friends, know that this is a pretty amazing 5 year deal – yes, even if it is only a ‘standard certificate’.


OK, so we’re all used to using coupon codes at GoDaddy for domain name & other product purchases. In fact, you should never buy any product at GoDaddy without a coupon code or discount… it’s pretty much a given. It’s an intrinsic part of their business model to offer products at relatively high markups but constantly offer coupon discounts.

So, we’re approaching Black Friday 2012… traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year, it’s now been transformed into yet another consumerism event.

That said, GoDaddy has some particularly nice deals this year:

Get a domain name registration for just $1.99 – it’s pretty rare that they are that low… even with GoDaddy coupon codes. Payment is by credit card only – no PayPal, and it’s for new registrations only. One per account. Coupon code is embedded in the link.

Also, and I like this one a lot; a standard SSL Certificate for $4.99 for the first year. It’s usually $39.99 at GoDaddy per year,… and I tested it today and you can get multiple years for your certificate for $4.99 – do it!

If you’re familiar with web development, you know that these security certificates allow you to set up a secure interface for your website (https) to offer your visitors an extra level of protection. All their information is encrypted from their browser through to your website.

Well worth taking advantage of those two specials. Both expire Monday, November 26th, but I would take advantage of them ASAP just to be sure. 🙂