– a pleasant Canadian-owned & operated hosting company with a great server configuration & sizing web interface VPS Configuration Web Tool (click to view larger image)

So I’m still on the lookout for suitable hosting services – be it for Windows-based servers running SharePoint to meet extranet needs, or SQL hosting for offsite data – and I’d often seen the advertisements here and there. I had never really clicked through to their site, since I had a feeling they were a ‘smaller’ player. Of course, smaller can be better… as long as they can handle business needs.

Finally went through to their site and a couple of pleasant surprises; for one, right at the top next to a small Canadian flag … ‘Canadian Owned and Operated’ ahhh… there’s a relatively rare sight these days, with so many hosting services being run by the big names south of the border. They have data centres in Toronto, Ontario and Rochester, New York.

Next, I decided to play with their VPS (virtual private server) specification, sizing and pricing tool. All I can say is wow; what a fun to use and functional interface. Obviously, it doesn’t mean much in terms of their reliability and overall performance, but I’m going to look into it a bit more, perhaps try out a small Windows Server 2012 / SQL / SharePoint server for a month or so.

Also interesting, they don’t offer SharePoint Server but only the WSS flavour which are the Windows SharePoint Services that are included with Windows Server. It’s a bit surprising since theydo offer SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition for about $1100 per month.

I’ll report back on how it compares to other offerings (including Microsoft’s own SharePoint Online / Office365 cloud services) after giving it a spin.

If you’ve had any experience (good or bad) with – especially for Windows Servers – please do share in the comments below.