Great free Microsoft Press book updated : Introducing Windows Server 2012 RTM Edition in PDF, ePub, Kobo, Kindle, or dead tree

Microsoft Press has released an updated version of a popular, and well written, book about Windows Server 2012 by Mitch Tulloch. The latest release is entitled Introducing Windows Server 2012 (RTM Edition) – for those wondering what RTM stands for, it’s Release-to-manufacturing. This is a term that Microsoft seems to have coined themselves, and is now widely used in the industry to signify the final version of a software release, coming right after RC, which is a Release Candidate. It signals that the code is complete and ready to ship to physical media manufacturers of DVD & Blu-ray discs and manufacturers of computers themselves who pre-install the software on the machines for clients.

I already ready parts of the 258 page book earlier this Fall, and it’s a must read for anyone who manages a shop with Microsoft server operating systems as it’s highly likely you’ll be migrating to the most recently platform – but probably not in production after SP1 😉

The best part is that the book is available in its entirety free in several electronic formats, or for less than $15 in a print version.

Here are the direct links to the electronic book:

PDF (17.8 MB)
ePub (25 MB)
Kindle from (23 MB)

and the print version is at:

Amazon Canada for $14.74 (free shipping if you add stuff to get over $25)

Amazon USA for $14.99

Chapters / Indigo Books Canada for $15.95