How to view & manage all SharePoint alerts in one place in Outlook 2013 (or earlier version)

This is one of the most asked for, and appreciated, little SharePoint & Outlook tips that I’ve shown to users in either training sessions or support requests; how can one see and manage all their SharePoint alerts (regardless on which SharePoint server or site) in one place?

While there are ways & add-ons to do it within SharePoint, the surprising thing (to most users) is that it can easily be done in Outlook (including versions 2003, 2007, 2010 and of course 2013).

Simply go to Manage Rules & Alerts – in Outlook 2013 it’s on the Home tab, from the Rules dropdown on the ribbon. Select Rules and Alerts and then click on the Manage Alerts Tab.

Voila, you will see all your alerts by source (Server & Site), a description of the type of alert and on which list or library, and options to delete the alert or edit it’s properties.



Another example of the tight integration between Office and SharePoint…

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