So, Lookout caught a suspicious dude trying to unlock my mobile device – got the photo & location by email!

lookout-unlock-protection-email-cropSo those who know me know that I’m passionate about IT and tech in general, but I also have a sweet spot for IT security – preferably proactive, preventing breaches & problems before they happen… So I try and do so for my own devices as well of course, in addition to those that I manage for business clients. Friends and colleagues have asked me recently about my fave security setups – especially since many got phones, phablets, tablets and so on at Christmas. Instead of sending individual emails or chats with 3 different people, I figure I may as well share my thoughts.

One of my favorite security applications for mobile devices (including Android and iOS – iPad, iPhone versions available) over the last 3 years has been Lookout. It serves several functions – and is available in a well featured free version as well as paid versions. The free version scans downloaded applications and content for safety, trojan horses, virii, and so on. But one of my most appreciated features is the ability to track the phone (from their website) which gets location pings from the device on a regular basis. You can look or wipe, or sound the alarm on the device remotely from their website, if you’re concerned it’s fallen into the wrong hands.

You do have a lock code, pattern, pin or other protection set on your Android or Apple device, right?

Another very cool feature is that Lookout runs in the background, and if an intruder makes more than a certain number of attempts to break into your device using an incorrect PIN, pattern, password or other locking method… it grabs a picture of the very suspicious (albeit handsome) suspect and sends you an immediate email to an email or address of your choice. It includes the photo (taken using your device’s front facing camera) as well as the location of the intrusion attempt overlayed on a Google maps picture. You can see the email I received by clicking on the screenshot below.

Lookout captures intruder trying to break login password, PIN or pattern

Pretty cool. So far, it’s caught a couple of curious people… and of course, me more than a few times. 🙂

So, it’s highly recommended. 5/5 stars … check out the official Lookout site for downloads.

Do you use Lookout? Questions or comments or suggestions for another cool and practical security app? Say it in the comments below.