Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview Beta Build 10041 available & installed today

For those of you who have been testing the beta / CTP release of Windows 10 (which, I must say, I am liking a great deal, considering how I found Windows 8 confusing even 6 months into the beta for that one with the dual metro tile & desktop interface) you may notice that you will be getting the 10041 build today – it’s codenamed fbl_impressive 10041 Professional.

In my case, I’m set to get fast ring build releases – via Windows Update & Recovery directly as you’ll see in the screenshot below.

Windows 10 - FBL_impressive 10041 build download


Once the download and installation (took about 45 minutes in my case, with delay being about 50% download, and 50% installation) and then the usual friendly Windows 10 Technical Preview reboot for installation message as seen below.



So, after the reboot, a pre-boot interface showed the usual build installation process – this took a good 30 minutes on my machine (again, a relatively ancient Dell D620 laptop, albeit with a decently fast SSD)…


After that portion, ahh.. the build was installed as you can see in this desktop screenshot (yes, the Linux penguin was courtesy of my youngest son Zachary a few months ago when I gave him admin access to my laptop for a few seconds or minutes 😛 ) …


The Windows 10 Pro TP builds show their version numbers (as was the case with Windows 8 and Windows 7 beta programs) on the bottom right of the desktop just above the taskbar) as shown in this cropped image:



My previous build was 9926. Overall the Windows 10 experience has been very stable for me – even running with Office 2016 beta as well… even on old hardware (albeit upgraded with an SSD storage device)… it’s running smoothly as a partition on an old Dell Latitude D620 with 2GB RAM and a Crucial M500 SSD. I also thing that Microsoft has found a nice blend to have a single OS for all devices, yet adapt it far better (especially for notebook – desktop users with a non-touch interface and the good old mouse & keyboard) than they tried with Windows 8.

How have you found the Windows 10 beta experience? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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