Strange message ‘Optimizing Facebook – Calibrating dexing frobs’ on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Android 5.0

Facebook Strange message ‘Optimizing Facebook – Calibrating dexing frobs’

Update 2 – Sunday 2015-11-22 @ 15h30 EST : *fixed* the bug on my Note 3 by leaving the Facebook Android beta program and downgrading to a stable release – read how to with some screenshots here.


Update as of 15:30 EST: Well, after about an hour, the ‘optimizing’ stopped or went away. Tried opening FB – it showed a splash logo then closed. Rebooted – same result. Checked Google Play (new interface, BTW) and no further updates available. Just for reference purposes, the version number for the Facebook app showing there is … and I’m also in the beta release program, so not sure if this is just a beta build issue.


Well, Facebook for Android sure has been extra-buggy for the last 2 weeks or so. Never mind the daily app updates which never have new details about what’s being fixed, but 4 times out of 5 it crashes on opening the main Facebook app… or crashes when trying to like a post. Or simply crashes randomly.

Now, as of about 14h30 (EST) this Saturday, noticed a bizarre Android status message saying “Optimizing Facebook – Calibrating dexing frobs” – did a quick Google & Bing search, no real results. Never saw this before and it’s been running a good 20 minutes… sounds almost like a drunk coder message. Have a look at the screenshot.

Noticed that FB for Android had a new UI recently, so wondering if they’re having a lot of bugs with it.

Just for reference purposes, it’s on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM900) stock, and not rooted, 5.0 android on the Telus carrier.

Will update if it gets terribly worse or I find a solution. Feel free to share comments or suggestions below.