Fix for “Optimizing Facebook – Calibrating dexing frobs’ & subsequent crashes on Android – left beta tester program

So yesterday afternoon around 14:30 (EST) I noticed the infamous message ‘Calibrating dexing frobs’ on my SGS Note 3 Android which lingered for at least 30-45 minutes – I posted about it and obviously was not alone – in just over 24 hours, I’ve had hundreds of visitors to that article from 54 countries – 60% of whom visited from an Android mobile device.

As I mentioned, after the ‘optimizing’ stopped, I was unable to open Facebook – it would show the blue FB logo splash screen and then close. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t help. After reading through some of the Google Play reviews as well as discussions on Reddit I noticed what seemed to be a pattern: many of the users reporting the bug seemed to be in the FB beta test program.

Since being in the Facebook Android beta hasn’t been of any benefit (on the contrary, given the number of bugs and crashes, it seems their releases are more alpha than beta…) I decided to exit the program, uninstall the beta version ( and downgrade to the ‘stable’ non-beta release.

Here are the steps, along with the related screenshots, in case it’s of help to others:

  1. Go to the Facebook for Android Beta Test page on Google Play (preferably from your Android device with the buggy Facebook) and if you see that you are in the program – it will show you an option to leave the testing program
  2. Once you press that, you should see confirmation that you left the beta program as shown in the following screenshot:


  3. Now that that’s done, you’re set to uninstall the beta version from the Play store. Once it’s uninstalled from your device wait a few minutes at the very least then re-open and go back to the Facebook app (not installed yet) … you should now see that the previous (stable) version (or similar) available to install.
  4. This is what I did on my SGS Note 3 (Android 5.0) and once it was done, I was once again able to open the Facebook app without problem.

Sorry I don’t have a working iOS device (iPhone, iPad) on which to test this… hopefully it worked for you if you’re on Android!

Facebook for Android Stable Version