Excellent CBC Marketplace episode on #RetailTricks & how retailers trick consumers

OK, so I know most of these tricks – chalk it up to being a rabid deal hunter and also perhaps due to having studied marketing psychology and how it relates to enabling my corporate & government clients (read: my job) to adopt changes in technology that I implement to hopefully make them more productive for the organisation.

Beyond my prologue, this episode of CBC MarketPlace reveals a lot of the insider tricks at the supermarket and other retail stores.

You’re surely familiar with the classics:

  • Place essentials, such as dairy & eggs as far away possible from the main entrance, forcing you to navigate through the store and get tempted by impulse buys.
  • Put ‘maximum X per customer’ limits on ‘sale items’… even if they’re not on sale – create a sense of urgency and scarcity… “I can only buy 4 at this price, better buy 4!”
  • Larger shopping carts and shopping baskets – make the consumer feel like they have to “fill the basket or cart” or their shopping job isn’t done.
  • Red, Yellow and White to inspire psychological attraction to the ‘sale’ item
  • IKEA: winding walks through the store – guide the consumer through an experience… not offering them an opportunity simply walk in and walk out. It’s an experience, not a mission, right?
  • Victor Gruen – The Gruen Effect – shoppers forget what they wanted to buy… he invented the mall concept! Design your shopping experience to confuse shoppers into buying things they don’t need …
  • Modern devices with facial coding – displays with cameras to detect if you’re male or female and display ads based on who you are… sounds a bit like shopping online? It’s migrated into the bricks & mortar retail world.
  • Soft and slow music relaxes shoppers and increases purchases up to 38% (over agressive sounds in a store… ) … makes sense, who wants a never-ending babble of ‘a fruits & vegetables specialist, call line 18’ P.A. announcements.
  • Sampling stations: offer free samples to instill guilt from trying a sample to buy a product
  • Brynn Winegard, marketing specialist… gets this 🙂 and makes us all spend more 🙂 🙂 but perhaps , at least, enjoy what we’re needlessly splurging on.
  • Clear overstocked aisles and stores… make getting around easier and more comfies…. women who bump their butts against aisle displays tend to leave very quickly…

All in all well worth watching – it’s available online if you missed it on the old TV at the CBC MarketPlace website